About Elizabeth

Why Re-Elect Elizabeth Lewis

Elizabeth is completing her first term as a council member for Atherton and she has made supporting the best interests of residents her primary work over this term.  Unlike several members of the council, Elizabeth did not promote her own interests or preferences for the town but she advocated to have the council listen to those residents whose voices were being ignored. Elizabeth has worked relentlessly to build consensus and to breathe sanity into processes that have been mired in political combativeness.

Elizabeth is hard-working, comes prepared and takes on assignments because they will affect our quality of life—even if they are not high-visibility or high status.  Her current assignments include:

Atherton Committees:  

  • General Plan Committee
  • Transportation Committee
  • Environmental Programs Committee
  • Town Center Task Force
  • Legal Selection Committee
  • Finance Committee (alternate)
  • Rail Committee

Regional Committees and Boards:

Please read through Elizabeth’s statements on key Atherton issues (using the “Issues” menu above).  She has been a part of the minority voice on the council that has attempted to get the majority to listen to residents and solve problems through democratic processes.  She has helped enable residents to have more “say” in town governance, including helping residents succeed in getting a vote to happen on the Library Location rather than allowing the council majority to make this decision by themselves, as they wanted.

Supporters urge you to Vote for Elizabeth in November, so that residents can continue to have a say on the important decisions that matter to Atherton, rather than having such matters clouded over by insiders.  She needs our support.

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