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Lewis Receives Almanac Endorsement

[From the Almanac: The AlmanacOnline.com of 10/24/12]

Elizabeth Lewis

Ms. Lewis gets high marks for leading the campaign to line up private funding for the new Town Center. We did not agree with her demand for a referendum on locating the library in Holbrook-Palmer Park, but she has promised she will work hard to implement whatever decision is made by the voters. We find that Ms. Lewis is a hard worker, but we hope in her second term she will make more of an effort to put petty disagreements aside and make more of an effort to find compromises with her council colleagues.

Ms. Lewis sensibly handled her endorsement by the police union by publicizing her answers to the APOA questionnaire, a good way to defuse the concerns of some town leaders about the union’s intrusion into the campaign.  And she joined all council members to approve outsourcing the public works and building departments last year, which has so far received good reviews.

Ms. Lewis would support installing a push-type email system so residents could be better informed about the town’s business. The town can do better than just offer a website, she said. She supports limiting council members to two terms “to bring new people in,” and also supports county efforts to improve transit, including providing shuttles from Caltrain to job sites.

The Almanac urges Atherton voters to return Elizabeth Lewis to the City Council.

Several Receptions Planned for Elizabeth Lewis

There are a number of upcoming, low-key opportunities for residents to meet Vice Mayor Elizabeth Lewis at receptions being hosted by resident supporters of hers.  In addition, there will be a moderated and public Candidate Forum, hosted by ACIL for all candidates for council in Atherton.

1   SUNDAY, OCTOBER 7, there is a Wine & Cheese Reception being hosted by Bill and Lee Schroeder, Valerie Gardner and Jonathan Tiemann, James and Kathy Janz, Hildy Shandell, Charles Marsala. and others.  The event will start at 4:00 pm on Sunday and go to 5:30 pm.  Residents who have not had a chance to meet Elizabeth but who would like to, are welcome to attend.

2   WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 10  There is a Coffee Reception being hosted by Rose Hau, Natalie Comartin and Didi Fisher for both Vice Mayor Elizabeth Lewis and Carey Wiest, both candidates for City Council.  The event date is October 10th and will start at 9:00 am, with comments from the candidates starting promptly at 9:15 am.  Residents who would like an opportunity to meet both candidates and also have questions answered about the town’s ballot measures are welcome to attend.  Please contact Didi Fisher by clicking the link.

3  TUESDAY OCTOBER 9  There will be a Candidate’s forum for Atherton City Council candidates at 7:00 pm in the Pavilion in Holbrook-Palmer Park. This event is hosted by the Atherton Civic Interest League and the League of Women Voters and will give the four candidates a chance to answer questions posed by the audience.  The four candidates include incumbent and Vice Mayor, Elizabeth Lewis, Cary Wiest (who previously ran for the council in 2010), Greg Conlon (who ran recently for State Senate) and Denise Kupperman (the Chair of the Library Steering Committee and a strong advocate for moving the library to the park).  Everyone is invited to attend and bring their questions.

Lewis receives broad-based endorsements

Elizabeth Lewis, Vice Mayor of Atherton and the only incumbent running for one of two seats on the Atherton City Council, has received a notable degree of bi-partisan support.  While Elizabeth is a registered Republican, been endorsed by Virginia Chang Kiraly and the San Mateo County Republican Party, Vice Mayor Lewis has won recognition and endorsements from a number of high profile Democrats in our Region,  including Rich Gordon, our district’s State Senator and Dave Pine and Don Horsley, both San Mateo County Supervisors, among others.

In addition, Ms. Lewis has received endorsements from leading Republican residents, including Didi and John Fisher, both former mayors and leaders in the “No on Measure F” campaign, along with an impressive array of Democratic residents, including Rick DeGolia, a leading fundraiser for Obama among Valley tech mavens, and Valerie Gardner, a former Environmental Programs Committee member and one of the town’s staunchest environmental advocates.

Such widespread endorsements give credence to claims by many supporters that Ms. Lewis has been working hard to address concerns of residents, to hear what they feel about the issues, without imposing her own preferences on the town.  Ms. Lewis has built a reputation among her colleagues for showing up to meetings, doing her homework, and calmly and with irrepressible cheer and good humor, articulating the concerns and interests that she hears expressed by residents, thereby winning considerable respect for her clear-eyed approach as a public servant.

With her consistency and steadfast adherence to dealing with town and regional matters with poise and professionalism, Lewis has managed to win the respect of many residents who had previously heard harsh accusations leveled at Ms. Lewis personally during the 2008 campaign, a tactical approach which Ms. Lewis chose not to return.  Ms. Lewis won a first term, and in spite of ongoing  turmoil on the council during her first term, Ms. Lewis steered a straight course to help residents feel well represented, demurring from expressing her own personal opinions in her desire to serve as the elected representative of all residents.  Ms. Lewis’ positive ratings with residents and broad-based endorsements from community leaders, speak strongly to the success she earned in her first term on the council.

Lewis receives endorsement from the Atherton Police Officers Association

Vice Mayor Elizabeth Lewis is very pleased and honored to announce that she received the endorsement of the Atherton Police Officers’ Association today, in her bid for re-election to the Atherton City Council.  In a message from John Mattes, VP, APOA, APOA PAC Board Member, he wrote:

The Atherton Police Officers’ Association is pleased to announce that we are endorsing your candidacy for the Atherton Town Council. . . . We want to thank you for taking the time to complete the APOA’s Questionnaire, and for your support of YOUR Atherton Police Department.

Elizabeth’s strong support for the Police Department and her belief that the vast majority of Atherton residents highly value the work being done by the Atherton police and are willing to support the costs of the police department through their ongoing renewal of the Parcel Tax, are reflected in this endorsement. Along with Vice Mayor Lewis, Carey Wiest also received the endorsement of the APOA in his bid to win a seat on the Atherton council.

Atherton Police Officers Questionnaire 2012

Traffic Safety Coordinator Meets with Elizabeth Lewis

Elizabeth Lewis met with Kathy Schrenk, the Menlo Park City School District Traffic Safety Coordinator, to discuss improving bike safety for students attending Laurel, Encinal, Oak Knoll and Hillview schools.  Under consideration is the formation of a new council-approved Bike Safety Committee, which may qualify for special county or state funds to help Atherton improve bike routes to schools.  Elizabeth and Kathy are hoping to get interested residents to sign up to participate on this new committee and will be sending out a notice of formation to the Menlo-Atherton Bike Coaltion, a group launched last January to address bike safety problems in Atherton and Menlo Park.  If you are interested in helping with bike matters in Atherton, you can sign up to join the M-A Bike Coalition by contacting Kathy Schrenk at kschrenk@mpcsd.org or contact Elizabeth Lewis.