Baseball Diamond (Measure M): SUPPORTS

I fully support playing fields for our youth and organized sports who reach out to not only our Atherton population, but other kids in other neighborhood who may not have as many opportunities as our Atherton kids do.

I voted against putting this Measure on the Ballot at this time because the plans for the baseball field were still being reviewed and discussed by our Planning Commission.  I felt a ballot measure was premature.

I continue to believe that a comprehensive Master Plan Study considering all uses and activities in the Park — including special events such as weddings, corporate meetings, birthdays, anniversary celebrations and memorial services — should be completed before moving forward with a formal town-wide vote.  But now that this measure is on the Ballot, and given the flexibility in the way the Ballot language is written, I fully support the efforts of the Little League to improve the safety of the current playing field and trust that they will create a safe and modern Little League venue that will compliment the park and not overwhelm the park.

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