Candidate & Incumbent Elizabeth Lewis Launches Campaign

Elizabeth Lewis, current Vice Mayor of Atherton, held a reception at her home on Sunday, September 9th, to announce her campaign for re-election to the Atherton City Council.

A crowd of an estimated 35 to 40 people arrived to mingle, talk and lend their early support.  Among those in attendance were former Atherton mayors, James Janz and Charles Marsala, Atherton denizens Bob and Connie Lurie and Merv and Rosyln Morris, along with dozens of other residents.

Under clear skies and in the beautiful environs of the Lewis’ back yard, Council member Lewis welcomed both familiar and new faces and provided a series of comments on her background, her qualifications, her experience in her first term on the council and her hopes for the upcoming term.  Then she opened it up to questions.  Residents expressed a few concerns about the controversies during the last year or two and lingering effects, which Ms. Lewis addressed with equal parts candor and discretion.  Even acknowledging some of the challenges and difficult times she experienced during her first term, Ms. Lewis evinced a cheerful and optimistic comportment, and expressed her commitment to working to continue to make progress towards improving council processes.

Many there in attendance expressed their support for Elizabeth, including the current vice mayor of Redwood City, Jeffrey Gee, who provided a glowing endorsement of his experience working with Lewis on the Peninsula Traffic Congestion Relief Alliance, one of several side committees and commissions attended by Ms. Lewis. Charles Marsala, a former mayor and two-term council member, praised Lewis’ poise, preparation and clear-headed collegial style and even council candidate Carey Wiest, showed up and took the floor to express his support for Ms. Lewis.

Valerie Gardner, a former EPC member and supporter of the effort to let residents vote on the library project, gave an overview of Lewis’ sustained support on behalf of residents who believed their voices were not being heard by the council in the way the Library project had been handled.  According to Ms. Gardner, a “No” vote on Atherton’s Measure F will allow the town the opportunity to conduct the comprehensive master planning process that residents have called for since word got out about the Library Project, so that residents can decide whether or not to integrate the Library into the Town Center project, as many residents seem to want.  At the very end, Joe Lewis, Elizabeth’s husband, attested to the fact that his wife was extraordinarily well-qualified to handle the workload and other challenges presented by a council position, despite the fact that he wasn’t really thrilled about her being on the council.  Nevertheless, he supported her dedication to public service and urged those listening to support her, despite his own preferences.

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