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Feel free to contact us for any concerns or questions you may have for Elizabeth. You can fill in the form below or email Elizabeth directly at or call her at: (650) 533-8830.

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  1. elizabeth says:

    I appreciate you and Debbie’s friendship and community spirit. You two embody the family-friendly Atherton we love.

  2. Michael McPherson says:

    I would like to make a contribution by check. Would you reply to me by return email with how it should be endorsed? Thank you.

  3. Sheri Shenk says:

    From the very start of your first campaign (the day you asked if I would be your “Financial Manager”), I have been continually impressed by your undeterred efforts on behalf of the “common good” and a constant representation of ALL residents of our community. You have always sought the opinions and advice of residents whose opinions have differed and tried to arrive at a solution that would satisfy. I have yet to hear you voice an opinion or try to ram through any legislation that would affect Atherton before taking the full measure of its impact on all who live here.

    Thank you for standing for us, despite personal attacks (of which I was witness). Most would not have the fortitude to continue in a desire to serve . . . especially without compensation or expression of gratitude . . . BUT you, Elizabeth, have carried a torch for many of us who have chosen not to speak up or to participate in our Town’s political processes.

    We are so grateful that you have chosen to commit to another four years on the Council, and you definitely have our support.

    Sheri Shenk

  4. David Wright says:


    I am a big supporter of yours and I need your sign in front of my house!

    Let me know where I can drop off a check for you!

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