Residents Endorsing Elizabeth Lewis for Council 2012 include:

Atherton Residents  

(Partial Listing)

Bianca and James Alexander

Colleen and Grant Anderson                                                 

Stu and Bill Awbrey,Holbrook Palmer Park Foundation

Rick Bahr           

Scott Barnum, Disaster Preparedness Comm    

Thom Bryant               

Peter F. Carpenter, former President MP Fire Board 

Natalie and Joe Comartin

John Davey, President ACIL (Atherton Civic Interest League)

Patti and Mark Davis                                                                       

Sharon Meers and Steve Dostart, Atherton TCTF                              

Mary Ann & Jim Drake                                                            

Cosette and Malcolm Dudley, former Mayor, Atherton Rail Committee                           

Bob Ferrando, Holbrook Palmer Park Foundation

Carolyn and Scott Feamster

Didi Fisher, former Mayor and Town Center Task Force Member

John Fisher, former Mayor

Carol and John Flaherty

Valerie Gardner, Environmental Programs Committee  

Sue Gellen

Betsy and Tom Glikbarg, Public Safety Committee

Florence and Steven Goloby

Carol & Peter Grassi, Holbrook Palmer Park Foundation

Linda and John Griffin

William Grindley, former Atherton Planning Commissioner

Nancy & Bill Grove, ACIL/Disaster Preparedness Comm

Loren Gruner

Jane & Sherman Hall III

Trendalyn Hallesy

Diana Hawkins

Rose Hau, TCTF member and former Planning Comm/General Plan

David Henig former member Atherton General Plan Committee

Manuel Henriquez

Rhoda and David Herron

Jim Heslin

Debra & Matthew Holvick

Kathy and Jim Janz, Atherton Rail Committee and former Mayor and Planning Commission

Vivian Kral

Lisa Lamb

Randy Lamb, former General Plan / Audit Committee

Janet Larson, Green Building Think Tank/Environ Programs

Linda & Skip Law

Kay Clarke & Herb Lechner

Ian Lewis & Joe Lewis

Connie and Robert Loarie

Connie and Bob Lurie, Holbrook Palmer Park Foundation

Linda Lynch

Jillian Manus

Judy & Jim Massey, Audit/Finance  Committee

Ann McNertney

Ann & Mike McPherson

John Michael

Alan Miller

Jeffrey Morris

Roslyn and Mervin Morris

Jamie Nachtsheim, Holbrook Palmer Park Foundation

Tom O’Dowd

Jenny Redo

Barbara & Jack Ringham, Atherton Rail Committee& Holbrook Palmer Park Foundation

Lee & Bill Schroeder, Holbrook Palmer Park Foundation

Sheri & John Shenk, former Pres. Friends of Library/TCTF

Jo-Ann Sockolov, Candidate for School Board

Susan Speicher

Carol & Ned Spieker

Tod Spieker

Julie Quinlan, Atherton Rail Committee

Paul Quinlan, Planning Commission/PCC Member

Danelle & Mario Rosati

Robin & Phil Taylor, Holbrook Palmer Park Foundation

Jonathan Tiemann

Mehridth & Jon Venverloh

Gregg von Thaden

Rachel & Stephen Warner

Terri Watters

Sylvie & Don Way

Zach Whitman

Jeff Wise, Atherton Audit/Finance Committee

Keith Wollenberg

David Wollenberg

Margaret & John Worthing, Holbrook Palmer Park Foundation

Mike Yaeger

Pam and Newt Yaeger

Lucy and Boris Zats


Regional Support

Growing list of Regional Endorsers

Rich Gordon, California State Assembly 21st District

Rose Jacobs Gibson, San Mateo County Supervisor

Don Horsley, San Mateo County Supervisor

Dave Pine, San Mateo County Supervisor

Warren Slocum

Peter Ohtaki, Mayor Pro-Tem, Menlo Park

Maryann Moise Derwin, Mayor Town of Portola Valley, Chair San Mateo County Library JPA

Jeff Gee, Vice Mayor, Redwood City

Gina Papan, Vice Mayor, City of Millbrae

Scott Carey, Mayor of Palo Alto (former)

Stephen Nachtsheim,  Atherton Resident and President MP Fire Board

Virginia Chang Kiraly, Director MP Fire Board

Charles T. Munger Jr.

Atherton Police Officers’ Association (APOA)

Silicon Valley Association of Realtors (SILVAR)

San Mateo County Republican Party

Lincoln Club of Northern California

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