Elizabeth Lewis’ Statements on Important Issues

There are many issues that are of interest and concern to residents.  While the council is elected to address matters on behalf of residents, Elizabeth has not supported the position of the council majority which believed itself empowered to make decisions on major development projects based upon their own preferences on behalf of the town.  Elizabeth’s basic stance was that, as an elected official, it was her (and their) responsibility to allow residents to have a voice on important town matters and support the needs and preferences of residents.

Elizabeth has posted special statements regarding each of the three key ballot measures being voted on by residents this November.  You can see them here:

Additionally, you can see her statements on the following Issues by clicking the Issues Menu:

Elizabeth has worked relentlessly to build consensus and to breathe sanity into processes that have been mired in political combativeness.  Elizabeth is hard-working, comes prepared and although she strives to maintain a collegial and respectful milieu, in the face of council opposition that has long used personal attacks to weaken opposition, she has nevertheless been willing to speak up to air and support resident concerns on matters of importance for the town.

Additional issues

Elizabeth would like an opportunity to talk with you about her positions on a wide variety of other issues, including the importance of finding a new Town Manager, whether or not to become a Charter City and much more.  Please contact Elizabeth or attend one of the receptions being hosted by residents in town.

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