Financial Stewardship

Balance Expenses against Revenue

We had a rough time in 2009 and 2010 because we had to refund fees that had been collected illegally. . . !  These were Road Impact and Business License fees put in place by a Finance Director that was ultimately fired. Unfortunately, that left a pretty big hole in our budget so in 2011 we had to take action to stem our losses.

I have worked with my fellow council members to bring our expenses in line with revenue by reducing overhead through outsourcing some of our Town’s services where practical – without compromising resident services – and in most cases – IMPROVING the level of services at lower costs. We have also restructured remaining staff positions for a more efficient organization.

Unfunded Pension Liabilities

To address our unfunded pension liabilities we set aside $1,290,000 in a special account and are in good shape there.  We will continue to bring on resident experts and to keep our eye on the status of this liability.

Renew Parcel Tax in 2014

In 2009, I spearheaded a resident committee to renew our critically needed parcel tax measures which passed overwhelmingly by the needed 2/3 vote. Then in 2011, I voted to designate that 40% of those funds will go to pay for street repairs and 60% to police services. This parcel tax will need to be renewed again in 2014 by a 2/3 vote, and I intend to work diligently to insure its passage.

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