Town Facilities

Atherton has a lot of work to do to both improve and maintain town facilities.  Clearly, we need to be mindful of the importance of maintaining our facilities, buildings and streets, as these are critical not only to our residents’ enjoyment of their town but also for safety.

1) Street maintenance and repair is a priority.

2) Proper drainage and storm water run-off from properties is a priority.

3) Atherton needs to address its aging civic buildings and develop a comprehensive Master Plan to evaluate and assess how and where to remodel or rebuild its structures.  Together with town staff, residents and town leaders need to develop a plan that will balance the needs of many groups, departments and town services and put together the proper financing plans, so that Atherton’s facilities and assets are developed and/or protected based upon what our needs are.  Abandonment of unfit town buildings is not an option.

4) Maintaining existing and expanding playing fields is a priority.  Playing fields are at a premium in our area, as many available fields have been encroached upon by the needs of expanding schools.  Our children’s health and well-being is enhanced through sports activities and I believe we must do everything we can to protect open fields.

5) Addressing building code violations is a priority.  Atherton’s Police Headquarters represent unsafe working conditions for staff and serious code violations.  The Building, Planning and Public Works departments operate in temporary structures which are functionally obsolete and in disrepair.  Both the Library and the Council Chambers have been assessed as needing seismic upgrades that must be done.  In the case of the Library, this unsafe condition has been allowed to continue while the political agenda of the JPA has been pressed upon the town, despite the fact that the Atherton Library has amassed enough money to do 20 seismic upgrades.

6) Creating the Town of Atherton to meet the needs of the next 100 years is a priority.  As chair of the New Town Center Task Force — together with six experienced residents — we have developed an architectural program and a plan for public outreach in 2013 to insure that the final Town Center project will truly reflect the Town’s character and needs.  We are undertaking the large challenge of raising the necessary funding privately, so that no additional public monies will be needed.  All of these plans will be thoroughly presented and reviewed by residents through a proper vetting process.  Measure L is asking for your support to allow us to continue this process.   I support Measure L but we are still very much at the beginning of the process for the Town Center and could use your help.  Please contact me if you are interested in participating in the Master Planning process that we hope to undertake with the passage of Measure L and defeat of Measure F.

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