Lewis Receives Almanac Endorsement

[From the Almanac: The AlmanacOnline.com of 10/24/12]

Elizabeth Lewis

Ms. Lewis gets high marks for leading the campaign to line up private funding for the new Town Center. We did not agree with her demand for a referendum on locating the library in Holbrook-Palmer Park, but she has promised she will work hard to implement whatever decision is made by the voters. We find that Ms. Lewis is a hard worker, but we hope in her second term she will make more of an effort to put petty disagreements aside and make more of an effort to find compromises with her council colleagues.

Ms. Lewis sensibly handled her endorsement by the police union by publicizing her answers to the APOA questionnaire, a good way to defuse the concerns of some town leaders about the union’s intrusion into the campaign.  And she joined all council members to approve outsourcing the public works and building departments last year, which has so far received good reviews.

Ms. Lewis would support installing a push-type email system so residents could be better informed about the town’s business. The town can do better than just offer a website, she said. She supports limiting council members to two terms “to bring new people in,” and also supports county efforts to improve transit, including providing shuttles from Caltrain to job sites.

The Almanac urges Atherton voters to return Elizabeth Lewis to the City Council.

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