Lewis receives endorsement from the Atherton Police Officers Association

Vice Mayor Elizabeth Lewis is very pleased and honored to announce that she received the endorsement of the Atherton Police Officers’ Association today, in her bid for re-election to the Atherton City Council.  In a message from John Mattes, VP, APOA, APOA PAC Board Member, he wrote:

The Atherton Police Officers’ Association is pleased to announce that we are endorsing your candidacy for the Atherton Town Council. . . . We want to thank you for taking the time to complete the APOA’s Questionnaire, and for your support of YOUR Atherton Police Department.

Elizabeth’s strong support for the Police Department and her belief that the vast majority of Atherton residents highly value the work being done by the Atherton police and are willing to support the costs of the police department through their ongoing renewal of the Parcel Tax, are reflected in this endorsement. Along with Vice Mayor Lewis, Carey Wiest also received the endorsement of the APOA in his bid to win a seat on the Atherton council.

Atherton Police Officers Questionnaire 2012

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