Elizabeth Lewis on the Job

Atherton Vice Mayor, Elizabeth Lewis, attended the League of Cities Annual Conference in San Diego, California, where she spent time in training and other information sessions held for local leaders.  Among the important things that are gained are better familiarity and understanding of Robert’s Rules of Order and the Brown Act.

Here Vice Mayor Lewis is seen with Hillsborough Council member Marie Chuang, holding gas line cleaning tools, in front of the smart utility “PIG” (a pipeline intervention gadget), which is used to clean and inspect gas pipes for potential weaknesses.  Conferences such as the League of Cities meeting provide ongoing education to town leaders, including about how to understand and mitigate the risks to their communities from various types of catastrophic events, including exploding pipelines.  We are very glad that Elizabeth is on the job with her usual good humor, even on the eve of her launch of her re-election campaign.

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