As your Councilmember since 2008, I have worked hard representing your interests. I’ve served on the Town’s General Plan, Finance, Transportation, New Town Center, Environmental, Legal Selection and Rail Committees. Regionally, on San Francisco Airport Noise Abatement, Peninsula Traffic Congestion, Regional Housing, HEART Board, ABAG and others.

I promise I will continue to listen and pursue the work you elected me to accomplish; manage Atherton’s limited financial resources, protect its rural character, be the voice of reason, initiate ethics and governance oversight insuring transparent proceedings while protecting residents’ rights to be heard, restore community unity, develop Master Plan for civic projects, and propose reasonable term limits.

My husband and I have been Atherton residents since 1998. We love our neighbors and Atherton’s rural character. It’s been a wonderful place for our 4 children and 4 grandchildren, with great schools, sports fields, safe environment and pastoral Holbrook-Palmer Park.

Together we have accomplished a lot, but there is more to do. I would be honored to represent you again. So, I ask for your vote on November 6 as we go forward to make our family-friendly community in Atherton even better.


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  1. Sylvie & Don Way says:

    You may use our names as endorsers and we will be sending a joint contribution of $200 at the recommendation of Cary Wiest and in suppport of maintaining our local policing

  2. elizabeth says:

    Sylvie and Don,
    Thank you so very much for supporting my campaign. I appreciate your dedication to maintaining our local police department. They provide a vital service to our special community.

  3. Jack Ringham says:


    Please add Jack and Barbara Ringham to your list of endorsers

    Good Luck,


    • elizabeth says:

      Jack and Barbara,
      Thank you for your endorsement and willingness to display my lawn sign on your property. Jack, your contribution to the Town’s Rail Committee over the years has been so valuable.
      Best regards,

  4. tom odowd says:


    Feel free to place a sign or signs in our yard at 160 Selby and let us know which other candidates you are supporting.

    Tom & Vivian O’Dowd

    Good Luck, we’re behind you.

  5. Elizabeth started working on the Town’s General Plan Committee in 2006, before moving to council in 2008.

    As a council member I have been able to see the wonderful experience, style, and passion she brings to the city council.

    She presents a very professional image for Atherton both inside and outside the community. She has brought together teams of residents to solve problems and plan for Atherton’s future.

    The best vote is to give her a second term on the council.

  6. Mike Madjidi says:

    You are so passionate about your community and only want to change it for the better. Good luck in the election!

  7. Tricia Young says:

    My family and I support you Elizabeth. Being a resident here since 1956 I have seen many changes in the Atherton community over the years. I was impressed by the fact that you do not support the monstrosity proposed in Holbrook Palmer Park better known as the new library.
    I personally have never set foot in the old library, nor my family. The Internet has come of age and I sadly believe that libraries will be a thing of the past in years to come.
    It would be a shame to replace the Main House with something that would perhaps be used by 10%of residents.

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