Town Center (Measure L): SUPPORTS

Elizabeth Lewis supports Measure L. She has been serving on the Town Center Task Force as a council representative since 2010.  The Town Center Task Force made tremendous progress in advancing plans to develop the town center but the project development is not yet completed.  A “Yes” vote on Measure L allows the task force to move forward with the planned public outreach, further refinement of plans and fund-raising for this project.  Councilmember Lewis has been a working team member and together with other members of the Town Center Task Force issued this Argument in Favor of Measure L (and no opposing argument was filed on the Measure):

Argument in Favor of Town Center Measure L

During the past year Atherton City Council has unanimously supported building a new Town Center. All City Council Members agree that the facilities are in dire condition. The police headquarters represent unsafe working conditions for staff and serious code violations. The Building, Planning and Public Works departments reside in temporary trailers, which after 15 years are functionally obsolete.

Twelve years ago in 2000, Council began assessing a ‘building fee’ on building permits in anticipation of paying for the Building Department’s portion of a new facility. There is approximately $1,800,000 in a special account designated for this project. No other Town funds are planned to be used with the remaining coming from private donations. A resident committee has formed a not-for-profit foundation to raise funds for the new town center and public safety buildings.

In 2010 the City Council unanimously authorized the formation of the Town Center Task Force (TCTF), an ad hoc committee, to study the needs of a new Town Center including new police, administration, building, planning, and public works facilities. TCTF is working diligently to develop an architectural program through public outreach. The final Town Center project will truly reflect the Town’s character and needs.

In 2012 City Council unanimously approved an architect to conduct a public outreach campaign which is scheduled to begin early 2013. With continued public outreach, a New Town Center will be built which all Atherton residents will be proud of.

Please vote YES on this Ballot Measure indicating your approval to move forward with the public outreach, facility planning and private fund-raising for this very important project.

This is your opportunity to be part of Atherton’s history and brighter future.

Elizabeth Lewis, Vice Mayor, Town of Atherton

Jerome Carlson, Council Member, Town of Atherton

Rose Hau, Town Center Task Force Member, Town of Atherton

Philip D. Lively, Town Center Task Force Member, Town of Atherton

William Grindley, Blue Ribbon Task Force Member (former), Town of Atherton

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